SISSY SYMMETRY, Berlin 2019. Uferstudios 23, 24.05.19, ada studios
Photo credits: Elsa Triquet Rey, Mayra Wallraff.
Concept, performance, sound, costume, video editing: Yaron Maïm.
Special thanks to Cilgia Carla Gadola, Gabi Beier, Mascha Wendel, Alexandra Hennig, Ansgar Tappert, Aïsha Mia, kAZ, Dinah C.

SISSY SYMMETRY (Berlin 2019) is a looping/drawing solo performance. Yaron Maïm has created a system in which they uses their body as a tool of measurement to orientate themself on the drawing surface. To the amplification and looping of live drawing noises, they enacts non-stop actions on the page that challenge physical and mental endurance. They repeats geometrical patterns of different scale. By doing so, they extends the two dimensional space usually associated with drawing, by integrating the variables of time, sound and volume. It is a self-generative art performance that translates static/dynamic drawing into sound and vice-versa. SISSY SYMMETRY, a site-specific durational piece (90min.), happened at dusk outside, as the natural light emphasized the reality of the passing time. 

Costume (hand painted leather jacket) for SISSY SYMMETRY, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin 2019.
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SISSY SYMMETRY (acrylic paint markers, 2,40x4m), Altes Finanzamt, Berlin 2019.
SISSY SYMMETRY (zine), ada Studio, Berlin 2019.