LOCK ME DOWN, Yaron Maïm, Berlin, 2020. Limited edition of 69 copies, 100x140mm, 8 pages, risograph printed, 1 color (red), numbered. Risograph Printing: We make it / Augmented Reality: Artivive.

LOCK ME DOWN (2020) is an interactive visual narrative by Yaron Maïm which was created during the COVID-19 Berlin lockdown in their tiny Berlin room. LOCK (LICK) ME DOWN portrays a gender non-conforming body from an intimate perspective. The limited edition of 69 copies contains explicit material and is composed of 4 poetic texts, 9 photos and 1 video loop. While the 16 pages are risograph printed in red and measure 10x14cm, the augmented reality zine is enhanced by a short erotic video that the user can view with a smartphone. Distribution occurs via online dating sites and Instagram. The work is a hybrid of augmented print media and social media art performance. The teaser includes digital scribbles to bypass censorship. The reproduction of the vanitas painting by David Bailly (1651) on the back cover refers to the intention of the author to queer the traditional "vanitas" meaning. It serves as a symbol for the ephemeral nature of their own artistic work, body, gender and sexuality.

LOCK ME DOWN, Yaron Maïm, Berlin, 2020.
Risograph printed & bound by we-make.it
69 copies. Self-published by yayamaim.com

Online exhibition Kontinuum