Yaron Yaël Maïm. 2019, Berlin. CC BY-SA 4.0


ENBYX -TOTAL WASTE: MISS READ, Queer Xmas Market, Butch Cut, Berlin Graphic Days, Altes Finanzamt & Stademonia Tattoo Stockholm, 2019.
Concept: Yaron Maïm / Risograph Printing: Drucken3000 / Performance: Yaron Maïm / Critical Conversant: kAZ / Video: Ayshe Kizilçay & Elene Naveriani / Video Editing: Ayshe Kizilçay / Photo: Neige Sanchez / Special thanks to Clovis, Justine Giliberto & Fu / Augmented Reality art made with ARTIVIVE.




ENBYX - TOTAL WASTE (Berlin, 2019) is an augmented reality artist book by Yaron Maïm that presents DIY fashion items and a poetic text about sewing as a practice of resistance. The self-published work is enhanced by 7 short videos that the user can view with a smartphone. 


Limited edition of 55 copies, 200x265mm, 32 pages, risograph printed on 100% recycled paper, 4 colors cover (aqua, fluo yellow, raspberry, black) on 290g paper, 2 colors body (raspberry, black) on 115g paper, numbered & stamped. 


The 55 copies, accompanied by prints and t-shirts, were presented in art installations in 2019 in Berlin art fairs (MISS READ,  Berlin Graphic Days, Queer Xmas Market), independent art spaces (Altes Finanzamt 48H Neukölln, Butch Cut) and a queer tattoo studio in Stockholm (Stademonia).

ENBYX refers to "enby", which stands for "nb" (non-binary). TOTAL WASTE refers to the "zero waste" movement. The augmented reality publication playfully addresses the paradox of being a queer artist in a capitalist society. It goes beyond the binary opposition between male and female, digital and analog, failure and success.

ENBYX - TOTAL WASTE, a (failed) project about sustainability and autonomy, is represented by a Trojan unicorn logo. It investigates into the ecological and social failures of systems of production & distribution in the contemporary art world. 


The reader, with the help of a smartphone, watches the publication burning in flames. The visual effects which are vivid representations of natural elements like fire, water, sand, etc., produce entertainment. The idea is to create ambivalence by reading the object, and to transmit contradictory messages: the parody of the zero waste movement or the rainbow capitalism, the virtual destruction of the desired art object, the wasteful burning of the artwork similar to the incineration of surplus fabrics in fast-fashion, etc.

The self-published work  is a satire in which language, identity, body, politics, nature and love are turned into commodities out of necessity and survival. It uses ambivalence and paradox to challenge the cis-tem’s appropriation of the art of queer and trans* people while erasing their lives.

ENBYX - TOTAL WASTE reflects the contradiction that queer people face: a simultaneous invisibility or non-existence, and a hypervisibility that is too much for this world.