Yaron Yaël Maïm. 2019, Berlin. CC BY-SA 4.0

ENBYX - TOTAL WASTE, Altes Finanzamt - 48H Neukölln, Berlin 15.06.2019, Yaron Maïm.

In the exhibition in ALTES FINANZAMT (48H Neukölln, Berlin 15.06.2019), Yaron Maïm presented the installation ENBYX - TOTAL WASTE, including an augmented reality artist book and DIY objects (large abstract painting, crochet vest, hand painted leather jacket, risograph printed posters, silkscreened t-shirt, single glove and sequin briefs with balls of wool).


The augmented reality artist book by Maïm presents fashion items and a poetic text about sewing as a practice of resistance. The self-published work is enhanced by 7 videos that the user can view with a smartphone.


TOTAL WASTE playfully addresses the paradox of being a queer artist in a capitalist society. It asks if art can exist autonomously from the market by not reproducing or being enmeshed in the very structures it critiques.


Artist book: limited edition of 55 copies, 200x265mm, 32 pages, risograph printed on 100% recycled paper, 4 colors cover (aqua, fluo yellow, raspberry, black) on 290g paper, 2 colors body (raspberry, black) on 115g paper, numbered & stamped.